"Can I Say the Process from the idea in your head to the sketching to the painting to even the signature from prints and frame once it's done it becomes your favorite.. until you paint another one. So you keep on painting to satisfy that basic need to full fill that hole in your heart where the pain was , to bring joy into it with each favorite piece you paint."                                                                                                                                               Stephanie Michelle


Stephanie Michelle is a Central American/Palestinian artist based out of Los Angeles.  Self taught painter using different methods of abstract art. Seeing the world in colors and shapes she began to paint what her mind see's and her hands feel.  Her abstract work is created when her vision and hands come in disagreement and it becomes a clash of colors and emotion on a canvas. She specializes in the woman figure, her favorite to paint along with woman empowerment and the movement, She gains inspiration from her travels and living in a third world country.  When she is not painting she has a big purpose to help the environment in anyway she can one of her methods is up-cycling and selling used clothing and bringing awareness to the damaging affects to the Fast Fashion Industry. You can also find her at artofsavingoceans.org


Women From all over the world, their different shapes emotions struggles. The empowerment that coincide with the pain. I love to paint the raw emotion all around the figure of a woman and her inner struggles. I also get inspiration from the emotions people portray through their body.